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Support From Rehab to Life with a donation


Volunteering is open to everyone! Do something great for London and help our communities thrive. We have many roles available for you to engage in and help us today! 

We are currently looking to fill the following volunteer roles: marketing / social media, fundraiser/bid writer, and event coordinator.

It is a great learning curve and provides the support that our community needs. If you want to get involved but  you're not sure how you can help, just contact us on

Support From Rehab to Life with a donation


Please join our fundraising team to help and support our communities in need. The proceeds are devoted to our weekly Soup Kitchen in partnership with 'Our Forgotten Neighbours' and with our educational and practical tools of recovery being presented to the most vulnerable members of our communities. To find out more, contact us at


In Person

Find our fundraisers across London's retail shops and other parts of the UK


Donate online! With just a few clicks you can make a huge difference!

Over the Phone

Call (020) 37584811 to donate 

By Email

You can drop us an email and we will assist you with the donation.

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