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Free counselling and peer support

We work with statutory-funded bodies and the voluntary and community sector to help their clients with addiction and substance abuse problems and provide counselling either by one of our in-house counsellors or via one of the partnerships we're building with other organisations, for example, Azura Minds.

Two trustees, Sean Robinson and Garry Durston, have lived experience of addiction and are the first points of contact for new clients before counselling begins. Our peer supporters understand how vulnerable, confused and most likely scared clients will be making this first big step towards recovery. They can connect with the client from the beginning, from a place of compassion and understanding.


In parallel, we are extending our reach into the community where we can build direct relationships with groups who can benefit from our advice and help. We will deepen this community connection by inviting clients who have experienced our service to join the charity as peer supporters, volunteers or employees to help co-produce new projects and inform our overall strategy.


How can people access our services?

A professional can refer a client or anyone can self-refer using:


Referral link:


We commit to contacting potential clients within three days of receipt of the referral. We can’t guarantee that we can provide counselling to everyone and through our triage process we will identify those in most need and who we can help. But everyone who contacts us will be given guidance on what other services are available and offered a peer support session or conversation.


Though we primarily support drug and alcohol addiction we are open to discussing behavioural addiction, for example, gambling and sex. Counselling can be one-hour a week, primarily face-to-face but also Zoom where appropriate, for six, 12 or 24 weeks depending on the needs of the client. All counsellors are BACP-recognised or members and have supervision in place.


Currently, our locations are: 113-115 Fonthill Road, Finsbury Park; Brickworks Centre, Crouch Hill; and if available, Mind in Haringey’s offices in Stroud Green.


We adhere fully to our Data Protection policy and only members of our charity who are part of the triage process will have access to client data.

Care packages

We dispatch care packages to organisations that support victims of drug and alcohol addiction, violence, homelessness and crime. These consist of educational books, toiletries, clothing, healthy snacks and vitamins. We welcome any drug and alcohol agencies who are interested in distributing these care packages to their clients in aid of strengthening their recovery to contact us.


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