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What we do


We provide free counselling for people struggling with addiction. We can offer outcome-based counselling one-hour a week for between 12 and 24 weeks. Our priority is for those with limited funds.

If you need help, you can self-refer here

Care packages

We dispatch care packages to organisations that support victims of drug and alcohol addiction, violence, homelessness and crime. These consist of educational books, toiletries, clothing, healthy snacks and vitamins. We welcome any drug and alcohol agencies who are interested in distributing these care packages to their clients in aid of strengthening their recovery to contact us.


Rehab centRE placement

We can guide addicts through the difficult process of getting into detox or rehab. We hope soon to be able to sponsor people without funds through rehab - ultimately establishing our own rehab centre.

Soup Kitchen and food bank

We hold a weekly soup kitchen and food bank in London that serves about 300 people. Our soup kitchen provides hot food, groceries, toiletries, fruit and veg, clothing, shoes, and general advice on rehousing, detox, rehab centre referrals, job seeking, holistic therapy and counselling referrals.

PEER SUpport

Our peer supporters with lived experience of addiction provide one-to-one sessions with those trying to get into recovery and who need guidance and support.

We are increasing our peer support to get more reach into the community and eventually host group sessions.

If you're interested in being a peer supporter or feel you need a session, please contact us.

Talks and holistic Therapy

We hold class and holistic therapy sessions with our partner professionals on nutrition, mental health,meditation, violence, and crime. In addition, we also endeavour to carry our message of recovery via public speaking, workshops. seminars and lectures into universities, schools, colleges, prisons, and rehab centres.


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