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We've had a good year. Especially as we only got behind our new identity of Rehabit in November 2023.

We now have 10 volunteers, including trustees, board advisors, and marketing and social media officers. That's  five more than a year ago. One of our peer supporters excelled and was appointed as a trustee. And we reached our funding targets to recruit a part-time CEO and run our pilot community programme.

As of March 2024, we had received 40 referrals this financial year. Of those referrals:

  • 3 completed counselling clean and sober
  • 3 received counselling, 9 still ongoing.
  • 17 are in peer support (pre- and post-counselling)
  • 9 received peer support and were guided to other services.

Most of our referrals come from Haringey and Islington.

We were overjoyed to get testimonials from a client who has found abstinence and a new career, and one who has her daughter back in her life!

We are pleased that Rehabit has the continued support of our partners, with special thanks to Azura Minds. In 2024-25, we are exploring more partnerships in Islington and have already started working with Hope on Your Doorstep.

Getting funding is tough in the current economic climate and we will continue to relentlessly seek funds to continue and cautiously grow our service in line with our concept.

Our testimonials

What our clients say


Social services are going to give me a chance with my daughter. That was my miracle. I’m so glad I didn’t give up trying. We DO recover! Thanks to all you did at Rehabit and for setting up the counselling – Natalie’s been really helpful.

Grateful client

I had just come off of a one-week drinking bender and generally, I felt like I didn’t want to do anything, especially work. I had no motivation and felt very negative about everything. I now feel hopeful and excited about pursuing a new career as a fitness trainer!

A service that works
Anonymous Client

Meeting with Sean, one of the peer supporters, before I started counselling really helped. We had a coffee and it was nice to speak to someone who had similar experiences to me.

One on one support
Anonymous Client

If you are willing to change but just need that help and a push in the right direction, Rehabit is perfect for you. Also, if you have no one to talk to, this will help a lot. If you need help with drugs or alcohol and have limited funds, please self-refer.

Rehabit is perfect for you
A satisfied client who has finished counselling and peer support

Case study

Dave (name changed for anonymity), 54, came to us via a borough’s drugs services organisation last year. Suicidal and registered disabled, Dave was struggling with cocaine and alcohol, a divorce he couldn’t get over, troubled relationships with his family and the women in his life, and seemed to bounce around different borough services.

Dave is now 17 weeks into counselling, has regular peer support sessions, is engaging with AA and seeking a sponsor, the relationship with his family is improving, and he hasn’t had a drug or drink for 17 weeks.

He really seems to enjoy meeting for coffee or food and it’s a joy to see him increasingly more comfortable in his environment. And he recently participated in a client focus group / co-production session to help shape a pilot programme we are planning that will influence our future services.

Dave has expressed gratitude for the speed of response, direct support, and warmth he has received from us. He’s someone who just needed that bit more patience, time and care. Once he got to know us he became more open and connected. His relationship with the peer supporter who is a similar age who had experienced the similar outlooks to life and challenges really helped him.

It’s cases like Dave that have reinforced that our uniqueness is in supporting those who fall through the gaps, get stuck in the system, or who need that extra bit of tolerance and care to be guided to changing their lives.