about us


Our FoundeR 


Tamara Gabriel aka Vander Peter Pierre is the founder and CEO of From Rehab To Life Foundation and an author, singer-songwriter, poet, radio-tv presenter, actor, and voiceover artist who descended into the abyss of crime, violence, and drug addiction, but found the strength, courage, and support to ascend in life.


Enriched by these experiences, he now seeks to empower those grappling with such challenges and to steer them clear from the mental and physical prison of torture, pain, anger, regret, remorse, resistance, resentment, guilt and shame. 

Mission StatemenT


We aim to reduce, as well as prevent, drug and alcohol addiction, street and domestic violence, crime and homelessness.


Vision AND Impact

Our vision is to see those in drug and alcohol addiction, street and domestic violence, crime and homelessness become 

responsible and useful members of our communities for the long term by helping them to get back on their feet and united with their families, communities, employment and further education. 


With our guidance and extensive support, our beneficiaries find relief from mental illnesses and begin to recover from their addictions. Subsequently, they build the confidence to individually apply healthier disciplines in their lives.