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  • Year 1 – establish a robust flow of clients for addiction counselling and develop supporting processes.

  • Year 2 – increase clients into counselling and peer support, guide those without funds into rehab, build plans for our own rehab house.

  • Year 3 – steadily increase clients, focus on funding and building the rehab house.

  • Year 4 – build and populate the rehab house while steadily building our client base.

  • Year 5 – run the rehab house, look for partnership opportuntities to grow.


  • One of our peer supporters excelled in the role and after four months took a role on the board as a trustee.

  • Established a triage process that involves peer supporters meeting clients to get a feel for appropriate intervention and if counselling is the way forward.

  • Provided counselling for new clients struggling with addiction: two now in recovery, three in counselling, and three using peer support.

  • Raised awareness of our counselling service with organisation’s whose clients can benefit from counselling and recently formed a partnership with Mind in Haringey

  • Established a partnership with Azura Minds to provide extra counselling services for our clients.

  • Co-hosting soup kitchens for over 300 people a week in Finsbury Park and Aldgate. As well as supporting a much-need service it gives a us good reach into the community.

  • Provided 100 care packages per quarter to homeless and those struggling with addiction.

  • Recruited four volunteers to manage projects and help run our service.

  • Secured free premises at SPACE4 in Finsbury Park where we can establish our own team space.

Board of Trustees

Dave Smith (1).jpg

Dave Smith, Chair

As chair of the board of trustees, Dave brings a wealth of leadership, business and commercial experience in the charity sector where he has established long-term relationships that continue to serve communities.


He's particularly proud of the work he's done with young people and those facing physical and learning difficulties, where he excelled at introducing safeguarding and data protection policies. During his corporate career, Dave was recognised for motivational and transformational change programmes and working closely with Board-level executives.

Garry pic.jpg

Garry Durston, Peer Supporter

Garry spent over 30 years working in advertising and marketing at places such as Time Out and Visit London. For the past few years he has worked in early years education and is now coaching cricket in schools and local clubs. When not outside enjoying himself he collects and sells vintage vinyl records, He has been clean and sober for seven years and wants to help others suffering with addiction.

Sean wedding 3.jpg

Sean Robinson, Vice Chair / Peer Supporter 

These days Sean writes screenplays and his first film is due to be shot in 2023. He's less hopeful of his first novel ever being published. He's also a freelance writer and communications consultant; and before that a head of communications at BT with roles that touched PR, marketing and internal communications.


Sean is a recovering addict himself. Eleven years clean and sober, he has held voluntary peer support roles helping others with their addiction, and is an active member of 12-step recovery fellowships.


Curtis Pierre

Bio to come

Activities between 2017 and 2021


Here’s a quick looks our charity’s legacy and some of the activities we carried out between 2017 and 2021 before our deeper focus on free counselling, peer support, rehab advice and the two food banks.

  • Bereavement counselling service, (1-hour sessions), at Brickworks Community Centre.

  • Nutrition classes, (1-hour sessions), at Brickworks Community Centre.

  • Yoga and meditation classes, (1-hour sessions), at Brickworks Community Centre.

  • Online TV workshops on drug and alcohol addiction via MediaNet TV Studios in Leytonstone during the lockdown.

  • Parenting course, with Godwin Lawson Foundation, at the Tricycle Community Centre, St. Annes Road, which led to obtaining a certificate in Parenting sponsored by Race Equality Foundation and Parent Access Cultures (which encapsulated an understanding in strengthening families in our communities with effective parenting).

  • Champion Fathers with Godwin Lawson Foundation, via Zoom (with the aim of Helping Fathers in the community become more responsible within the family structure, also providing guidance and access towards obtaining additional support).

  • Mental health workshops – raising awareness of the dangers of drug and alcohol addiction, in addition to providing solutions towards recovery, (Dalston lane Community Space).

  • Mental health solutions to drug and alcohol addiction, on SLR and Bless Radio, (presented by Tamara Gabriel), with Q&As from the listening audience.

  • Effective Parenting at Chestnut Community Centre, in partnership with Godwin Lawson Foundation and Good Brother Dougie Foundation, (Tottenham, N. London).

  • Mental Health Solutions to Drug and Alcohol Addiction at Chestnut Community Centre, presented by the late Community Champion Brother Dougie, Founder of - Good Brother Dougie Foundation, with Q&As from the audience.

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